Paul Heyman & Others Respond To WWE's "Paul Heyman Guys" List

TNA announcer and ECW Original Taz tweeted the following message in response to being left off WWE’s recent “Top 10 Paul Heyman Guys” list that was posted on Monday night:

“Received a link of @HeymanHustle Top Ten “Guys”! Interesting but Impressive list for sure! But, yours truly didn’t make the cut. Oh well.”

Heyman responded to Taz:

“Politics. Nothing more. Nothing less. Politics. #FTW You think when @CMPunk says there’s a lack of respect around here, HE’S READING FROM A SCRIPT OR SOMETHING?”

Joey Styles, who was on the list as a Paul Heyman guy, followed up with:

“REAL @HeymanHustle guys not included @TestifyDevon @BullyRay5150 @OfficialTaz @TheRealRVD @TheTommyDreamer”

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