Part Two of Jinder Mahal Training Video, Why WWE’s Stock Took a Big Hit Following XFL Rumors, Finn Balor On Xmas Raw

Part two of Jinder Mahal’s recent training video is above:

When WWE superstar Jinder Mahal visited the ATHLEAN-X gym the other day for an injury assessment and workout, we captured it all on film. In this video, you’re going to get a behind the scenes look into what goes into being one of the top wrestlers in the business and the type of attention paid to his workouts and training to make sure he not only gets to the top but stays there.

Accompanied by the Singh Brothers, Part II of the Jinder Mahal workout series wraps up the evaluation of the previously injured shoulder and transitions to workouts and training techniques that can be used to help strengthen the area and keep him training while continuing to address the rehabilitation needed to fortify the area against future injury.

We cover the importance of front loaded pressing, which can be achieved most easily with an Olympic bar in a landmine setup. Pressing from this position puts the arm in the anatomically friendly scapular plane. Not only does this allow pressing exercises to be performed by those that are dealing with a bit of shoulder discomfort but it does so in a more natural plane and minimizes the risk of injury. Many different exercise variations are covered to make sure and hit the shoulders from all angles and functions.

Pressing movements like the bench press and pushups are also covered extensively here. The high degree of shoulder involvement in these exercises demands that we address them to make sure that the more mobile shoulder joint isn’t compromised when doing these popular moves. The importance of once again limiting the trap dominance that can quickly alter the biomechanics of these exercises is addressed as well as techniques for more readily activating the chest and making it be the prime mover of these movements.

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Finally, two quick workout circuits are demonstrated…the first of which can be used as a finisher to an existing workout and the second as an advanced rehab protocol to assist with shoulder stabilization. Neither of these takes much time and the variety of the exercises that can be included and substituted in here makes for an ever changing challenge. The key is, both reinforce the adjustments that are needed based on the findings of Jinder’s evaluation to not only get his shoulder back to full health but most importantly, keep it there.

So take a look into the Jinder Mahal workout and assessment video and see what it looks like to step into the X-Box and work with Jeff Cavaliere. For a complete day by day workout plan that allows you to train like an athlete, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Follow a step by step plan of workouts and meal plans to get in the best shape of your life.

Why WWE’s Stock Took a Big Hit Following XFL Rumors

After news broke earlier last week that Vince McMahon is personally funding a new “Alpha Entertainment LLC”, which will operate independently of WWE, rumors began circulating that Vince could be considering a relaunch of The XFL.

Following the above news, the WWE stock took a big hit, dropping from the major high the stock was riding before the XFL rumors began. speculates Wall Street might have reacted poorly to the news of Vince bankrolling a new company and XFL rumors, as it puts WWE in uncertain territory. Wall Street might be worried Vince will be using WWE money to finance the league, possibly take his focus off the WWE product to work on his new projects, or bring back a product like the XFL, which has already failed in the past.

Finn Balor On Xmas Raw

Finn Balor Tweeted the following:

Its always hard leaving home, even harder on Xmas eve.
I told my mum
‘I’m sorry that we have RAW on Xmas day & I have to go wrestle’
She replied
‘Well isn’t it better than you NOT being able to go wrestle on raw on Xmas day!’

— Finn Bálor Forever (@FinnBalor) December 24, 2017