News On The Possibility Of Samoa Joe Signing With WWE


Samoa Joe was recently offered a new contract from TNA, but he turned it down. This may turn into a big story or it may just be a leverage deal.

According to a source in WWE, there is mild interest in him but it’s nowhere near a lock that he’d be signed. He’s not particularly tall, doesn’t have the WWE build, plus he wouldn’t be able to do most of his high impact stuff.

One person compared him to Tazz, a guy that people raved about due to his work in ECW, but then when he got called up to WWE and all of his suplexes and such were taken away from him, he was just a short guy that ended up as an announcer within a few years. When Tazz first got called up, in fact, Vince McMahon took one look at him and almost ended his in-ring run before it started. Former WWE writer Chris Kreski, who died of cancer a year or so ago at age 42, pushed really hard for him and ended up getting him on TV at least for a period.

One person did note that, worst case scenario, he could go to WWE and get a bad gimmick and probably no push, but then when that deal expired if TNA was still around he could go back there and just based on being a former WWE guy (see Tomko) probably get the biggest push of his career.

The current plan for him in TNA is to continue to build up the Joe vs. Kurt feud to culminate in a match for the title this fall. His current deal expires in a few months, so they may be building up towards a match that might never take place if he leaves before the PPV is booked.

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