More TNA Wrestlers Want To Leave The Company; Hogan Speaks On His Divorce

– Senshi and Ron Killings may not be the last TNA performers to take Dixie Carter up on her offer to have their TNA contracts voided. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that several other TNA performers are asking around other promotions to see if there is interest in them elsewhere. Senshi and Killings were both unhappy with their situations in TNA for an extended period of time.

– reader Ryan Lynch sent the following… I caught Hulk Hogan’s appearance on Access Hollywood today. The segment was short, but here were the notable comments. On his divorce, Hogan said, “As far as my divorce goes, I love my family to death, and I’m trying to stay positive. There’s always a chance for Reconciliation.” Regarding his son Nick the Hulkster commented, “We’ll be happy when the truth comes out.” Hogan plugged the return of American Gladiators and compared the crowd to a crowd at Madison Square Garden.

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