More On WWE's Deal With Hulu: Shows Not Airing In Their Entirety

Earlier this week, WWE announced a blockbuster deal with online streaming company Hulu to show weekly WWE programming on the Hulu Plus subscription service. Among the WWE shows that will be airing on Hulu Plus are RAW, SmackDown, NXT and Superstars.

For fans wondering whether the WWE offerings on Hulu Plus will be sufficient to “cut the cord,” cancel their cable television packages and watch WWE exclusively on Hulu – it now appears that Hulu Plus subscribers will not be getting the same programming that fans get on television. reader Kaleb Perkins sent this along:

“I wanted to send to the differences between the live Raw broadcast and the replay on Hulu. First, Raw on Hulu is only 90 minutes instead of 3 hours. Here are the segments that were skipped on Hulu: The backstage segment between with AJ and the referee, Dolph Ziggler vs. Kingston, the first diner segment with Bryan/Kane/Dr. Shelby, Prime Time Players vs. Marella/Ryder, the backstage segment that sets up the 6-man tag match, Wade Barrett vs. Tyson Kidd, the entrances to the 6-man tag match, and the divas tag match.”

“OK, so they took the best match off of the show, but gave us John Cena’s embarrassing, fake swear words promo. Yay for us.”

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