More On Hardy's Suspension, Benoit/Judgment Day, Why Hogan Didn't Do Media

sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— The latest news on Jeff Hardy’s suspension is that he will not be fired and should be back in September, although, like in the case of Rob Van Dam, it may be a long time before they have any faith in pushing him hard because of this.

— Judgment Day 2007 is now up on WWE 24/7. Not only is Chris Benoit’s match deleted, but in the fan poll on the show asking which wrestler is most likely to win a belt, MVP is axed from the list because he was Benoit’s opponent. So you’ve got a poll where if you add all the percentages up you get 87%.

— Hulk Hogan didn’t do any interviews to hype the new season of Hogan Knows Best (including the Larry King show) because he wanted to avoid answering questions about the Chris Benoit tragedy. His feeling was that every interview was going to end up with him talking about Benoit, so he thought there was no point in doing media pub. Pretty much every show covering the Benoit tragedy/steroids in wrestling story wanted Hogan on their show, but he turned all of them down.

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