More On 12 Rounds' Disappointing Start, Khali Talks WrestleMania, Miz Interview

— As reported earlier, WWE Studios’ 12 Rounds opened yesterday with a disappointing $1.75 million in ticket sales, finishing in sixth-place. As a result, the movie looks to be on its way to generating the second-least amount of money on a per-theater basis in the history of WWE film releases as it’s only ahead of The Condemned thus far. The Condemned was a financial disaster for the company as they had to write off $15.0 million from their financial statement due to its poor performance.

Opening in 2,331 theaters, 12 Rounds averaged $751 per theater – the second-least amount of money ever generated by a WWE film on a per-theater basis on opening day in company history. Comparably, The Condemned drew $1.33 million on opening day and averaged $577 per theater (in 2,310 theaters); Cena’s first movie, The Marine, drew $2.36 million on opening day and averaged $930 per theater (in 2,545 theaters); and See No Evil drew $1.68 million on opening day and averaged $1,338 per theater (in 1,257 theaters).

Internally, company officials were hoping the movie would do $10 million during opening weekend, but unless business picks up today, they will fall well short of their goal.

The movie’s currently projected to do between $5 and $6 million for the weekend.

— The Great Khali recently joined WorldBand Media for an interview. During the interview, the SmackDown Superstar said he was involved in the filming of a movie starring Sean Penn and Brad Pitt, which is now in post-production. Khali also added that he went to India a few months ago and missed his opportunity to be written into a major storyline for Wrestlemania XXV. Click here to listen to the interview, which was conducted in Hindu. (Thanks to Jatinder Dhoot)

— ECW Superstar The Miz recently talked to for their audio podcast. Miz discusses WrestleMania XXV, the origins of “The Dirt Sheet,” differences between building a persona for reality television and WWE, and more. Click here for the interview.

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