Mick Foley's In-Ring Return, News On When "The Wrestler" Hits Theaters

— It’s been rumored for quite some time that TNA Wrestling wants to build up to a Kurt Angle vs. Mick Foley match. It now appears Mick Foley’s in-ring return will come in January at their Genesis PPV. PPV provider InDemand has posted a preview for Genesis (link) that includes the following synopsis: “Some call him a hardcore legend, a daredevil…a risk-taker. He is Mick Foley. He crossed the line and came to TNA to challenge some of the greatest athletes and legends. Now he’s ready to make history inside the six-sided ring.”

— Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler” will open in New York and Los Angeles on 12/19 and open in additional markets the following two weeks.

— Fox Searchlight Pictures has launched a web page dedicated to the “Wrestler” movie. The page includes the plot of the film, short bio’s of the cast, reviews, news, pictures, videos and downloads that will be coming soon. You can also listen to the full soundtrack of the movie, including the original title track performed by Bruce Springstein. Link:

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