Maria's Playboy Cover Online, WWE 24/7, Virgil, Bobby Lashley-TNA

— has an image of Maria’s magazine cover at this link. They put up the cover on this landing page, but apparently took it down a little while later. The cover will be officially revealed tonight on Raw.

— You can read the preview for WWE 24/7 in April at this link. The theme is ‘Wild Kingdom’. Also, WrestleMania 8 beat out WM 4 & WM 13 to win this month’s “Pick Your Big One” poll. They have a new poll up featuring Bad Blood ’03, Fall Brawl ’00 and the AWA SuperClash.

— has added a profile on Virgil to their Alumni section at this link.

— In the comment box on the Raw section on, one person wrote, “Bobby Lashley is going to TNA. I cant wait.” moderates all the comments and only puts up a select few every few days, so it’s interesting that they’d put that on the page.

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