Lilian Garcia Speaks On Return, John Cena Passes JBL; Maryse Ouellet/eBay

Lilian Garcia resumed her ring announcing duties on Raw on Monday night, three months to the day of her last appearance on Raw. Lilian posted up a message on her official website,, regarding her return to duty and how she’s feeling now after tearing the ACL in her right knee back in March in a skiing accident. Unfortunately for Lilian, she’s still in pain from the injury. She was only able to announce in the ring during the first two matches (a fan in attendance noted that she needed a little help to even get in the ring) as she stood outside the ring the rest of the night because her knee was giving her too much trouble from getting in and out of the ring. Even though she’s not at 100% quite yet, she plans on gutting it out and she’ll be at Raw next Monday night in New Orleans. Here is the message Lilian posted:

Hi Everyone,

Wow, it felt so great to be back last night!! Unfortunately, even though my heart was ready, my leg didn’t exactly cooperate. If you noticed I was only in the ring for the first two matches & then I had to announced the rest of the matches from outside the ring. It was just that my knee was having a hard time getting used to climbing the ring stairs, getting in the ring & also wearing heels! Girls have it so rough! =)

Anyway, I will be back next week & hopefully be able to announce in the ring! Thank you to everyone that was there last night!! You gave me such a welcoming reception that it brought a tear to my eye. Thank you also to all of you for your messages in my guest book. I want you to know that even though I can’t respond all of your messages, I read them all & they mean the world to me!!

Love you all!!

Forever Rockin,
Lilian =)

John Cena has passed JBL in having the longest title reign this decade. JBL held the world title for 280 days.

SmackDown Diva Maryse Ouellet has put up pair of autographed gold panties/shorts up for auction on eBay. She wore them during a Diva Search segment last year. You can see the auction at this link. She’ll be putting a pink skirt up for auction next week on eBay.

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