Kurt Angle Says His 80-Year Old Mother Has Been Robbed

TNA star Kurt Angle says his 80 year old mother was robbed this week by a few criminal lowlifes from the Dominican Republic. Here’s what Angle posted on Twitter regarding the situation:

My Mother Who is 80 Yrs Old was robbed from Criminals from Dom Republic. They Said My Nephew Was in jail and Needed $5,000 to Bail Him Out

These Criminals Need to be Arrested @ their ass kicked!Taking Advantage of an 80 year old Woman With Little $.Watch out for these Criminals

This Scam Happens A lot. If I Ever Come Across these Criminals, and I Will find U, I Will Make You Pay, with Pain! Trust Me

One Name is Otto Ramirez. I Will fly to Dominican Republic and Find You. I Also Know U Have a Contact in My Hometown for this Scam

I Will Find You All! You Are Scum!

my Mother Doesn’t Have A lot of Money and I try 2 Help Her,but Lowlifes Robbing an 80 year old Woman need their Ass Kicked

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