Kurt Angle On Most 'Trying' Match He's Ever Had, Mindset During WWE Debut

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle recently took part in his usual weekly Q&A with fans on his official Facebook page. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On what his most ‘trying’ match was: “The one-hour iron man match with Brock Lesnar. It was intense and so was Brock. Not to mention my sister passed away the night before. That match was two world class athletes going toe-to-toe for 60 mins. Intense.”

On the longest non-stop stretch he has ever had on the road during his career: “23 days. That was back in 2004. 16 matches in 16 cities, five autograph signings in different cities, and two travel days on the road to home.”

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On the most dangerous submission hold he has ever been put in: “Armbars are the nastiest. Probably because your arms are smaller and will snap faster than your legs. Second…getting choked out.”

On what was going through his mind when he first made his debut in WWE: “I had no idea what to do, I just did what I was told. In this business, being a great leader also entails being a great follower at first. I was an excellent follower when I started. I listened extremely well when my career began. And that morphed into me being an excellent leader years later.”

Check out more Kurt Angle Q&A at his official Facebook page at Facebook.com/RealKurtAngle.

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