JTG On Equal Pay In WWE, Damien Sandow's Chances Post-WWE, Zack Ryder

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross interviewed former Cryme Tyme member and WWE Superstar JTG on a recent episode of his “Ross Report” podcast at PodcastOne.com. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On Ryback’s comments about wrestlers deserving equal pay in WWE:

“That’s tricky. That’s a tricky topic because, to be honest, I don’t think I should get as much [pay] as Big Show. Definitely not. He’s a draw. He draws a crowd. Same thing with Chris Jericho. But I think if the talent’s on the same level as you, and you lose and he gets paid more than you, I don’t think there should be a big difference [in pay].”

On Zack Ryder congratulating him on his new book:

“The first person that called me and told me that they loved it, my first book, was Zack Ryder. He read it on a flight going home. He text me right away. He said, ‘bro, I read your book. Hilarious! Good stuff!’ And he asked me, like a lot of the Superstars I didn’t name, but I left a lot of hints, but he wanted to reconfirm. He was like, ‘so, was this The Big Show? Who was this?’ And we had a talk, but he loved the book.”

On Damien Sandow’s chances in his post-WWE career:

“I believe Sandow is going to go [far]. He loves this business. I see him going to TNA or ROH to further his career. And, like, [in] wrestling, you never say never. He might be back [in WWE].”

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