Jon Moxley Regains IWGP U.S. Title in Violent Texas Death Match

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Jon Moxley is once again the IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Champion, having defeated Lance Archer in a certifiably violent Texas Death Match on night one of Wrestle Kingdom 14, live from the world famous Tokyo Dome.

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The contest saw both stars utizlie steel chairs, kendo sticks, trash cans and more as they brutalized each other with shot after shot. Due to the special rules of the match – it could only end via submission, knockout or the referee’s count of 10 – both men had to take things to a whole different level of physicality in order to get the job done.

The closing moments saw Archer set up two tables on the outside of the ring, attempting to flip his opponent off the top rope with a move he calls the Blackout. Moxley recovered, and after an exchange of strikes on the apron, delivered a sickening Death Rider through both tables. Archer was unable to answer the referee’s count, costing him the match and his championship.

Moxley is not done at Wrestle Kingdom 14, however. He will have to return to the Tokyo Dome for night two and immediately defend that belt against former champion Juice Robinson, in the rematch they never had at King of Pro-Wrestling due to a typhoon causing travel issues.

DEATH RIDER!!!!!! #njwk14 @JonMoxley

— LARIATOOOO!! (@MrLARIATO) January 4, 2020