John Cena Talks About Ribbing In WWE, Lilian Garcia Re-signs With WWE

– John Cena was interviewed was interviewed by the “Guy Code” blog at to promote his new diet & fitness program. Cena was asked about what inspired him to create the 10 Week Body Challenge and said it’s partially because he sees people are not working out the right way.

“You should go into a gym and just look around. People paying good, hard-earned money and they don’t know what the F they’re doing. I go to gyms all across the world and with about 75% of the people I see I just want to go up to and say, “Hey! You’re doing it wrong! Stop wasting your time!” But you can’t. They’re on their own deal, everyone has to find their own way.”

When asked if there’s a “line he won’t cross” with his fellow Superstars, Cena said:

“Rule number one: don’t rib unless you want to be ribbed. If you prank someone, someone is going to get you back. It may not be the person you pranked, because they might not be good at pranks, but we’ve got our homies. We’ve got our wolf. We call in another prankster and he’ll get you back. So, you got to respect peoples personal space and don’t rib unless you want to be ribbed.”

– WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia announced on Tuesday that she has signed a new contract with the promotion. She tweeted:

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