Jim Ross Q&A: Paul Heyman, Bret-Vince, Another Boom Period & More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his website, which you can check out at JRsBarBQ.com (Q&A). Here are some highlights of what he said about:

Paul Heyman Having A Minor Role At Night of Champions and not appearing on RAW:

“I don’t know the circumstances but I also found it to be a head scratcher to say the least. “

Why Vince was willing to let Bret Hart go to WCW before the Montreal Screwjob:

“The theory is generally that WWE could not afford Bret’s guaranteed salary and that by maneuvering the storyline as they did it would necessitate WCW to pay Bret much more than they would necessarily have to. There are still conflicting stories regarding this matter after all these years but I’d suggest that you read Bret’s book for his side of the matter.”

If wrestling will ever see another boom period:

“The wrestling business is driven by two things…talent and television. If new stars can emerge and explode then another boom period is possible. The bigger the attractions the more likely the success.”

Thoughts on the Big Boss Man 10 years after his passing:

“Ray was an excellent big man and very athletic. His matches with Dr. Death when Ray was known as Big Bubba Rogers were stellar. Ray had a HOF level career in my view.”

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