Jim Ross On What TNA & ROH Stars He Wants In WWE, Angle Doing MMA

Jim Ross has posted a new batch of Q&A answers, which can be read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Some highlights:

-What TNA or ROH Stars He’d like to see in In WWE: “Bryan Danielson comes to mind of the guys that are still young and healthy enough to contribute immediately. Sting is just barely in that group as he is nearing the end of his active wrestling days I have to guess. Dr. Death (Steve Williams), young and healthy with a manager, could have been a viable opponent for Stone Cold (Steve Austin) before the ill conceived Brawl for it All ended those potential plans. Today I think manager Jim Mitchell, perhaps with a more contemporary make over/look, has the skills to really contribute as a mouthpiece for key talents as well. Samoa Joe has the skills and body type that remind me of Mick Foley way back in the day as far as being different and having a unique body type. Plus I like his physicality. These are not WWE opinions just my personal thoughts in trying to answer your question.”

— Kurt Angle fighting Mixed Martial Arts: Realistically the Kurt Angle in the UFC ship has sailed and it sailed long ago. Naturally if Kurt had pursed MMA right after the 98 Olympics he would have had a great chance to have become a star but I don’t know if he would have made more money than he made during his peak period in the WWE. If Kurt was just coming out of the Olympics in 2008, I would strongly urge him to train for the UFC and take advantage of what some of their main event stars are earning. I saw Kurt and Brock wrestle once one after noon prior to a TV taping and no one can truthfully said without reservation who actually won their match but Kurt did very well that day. Brock was new with the company and a little laid back. If they had done their exhibition to entertain the “boys” a year later it likely would have been a different story. I don’t know how good a striker Kurt would be, he might be great, but Lesnar is a deadly puncher. Kurt is a great entertainer and should focus on various forms of entertainment that he can thrive in such as pro wrestling and perhaps even comedy. Action adventure film roles would also seem like a nice fit for Kurt. I sort of feel that Angle will some day try and come back to the WWE to wrap up that phase of his athletic life. Only time will tell.

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