Jericho Cuts Profanity-Filled Promo Against Naito At NJPW BOTSJ

Over the past couple of months, Chris Jericho has attacked Tetsuya Naito twice from behind, first at New Years Dash and then at Wrestling Dontaku. Just recently at NJPW’s BOTSJ Night 4 Event, IWGP Intercontinental Championship Tetsuya Naito and BUSHI defeated Tiger Mask and Toa Henare in a tag match. Afterwards, the lights went out and Chris Jericho popped up on the screen to cut a promo on his upcoming opponent at Dominion.
Below is what Chris Jericho said:
“Naito, I read all of the things you’re saying about me.” “I know how you really feel and listen, you are one of the greatest performers in the world today. One of the biggest stars in NJPW, but to me you mean as much as this turtle.”

Jericho was somewhere outside and actually showed a turtle that he came across. He then continued on about taking Naito’s title away from him.
Chris Jericho continued by saying this:
“Naito, I’m gonna f— you up! I’m going to take your Intercontinental Championship from you, not because you wanted it, you don’t want it, you’re too tranquilo. I’m not tranquilo.” “I’m f—— crazy! I’m gonna show you just how crazy I can be at Dominion on June 9. I’ve been waiting for six months to get my hands on your stupid filthy head. Yeah, Los Ingobernables de Japon. Kiss my f—– ass!”
Naito recently said in an interview that he was “superior” to Jericho, aside from name recognition, Jericho responded to that as well by saying this:

“You’re the best New Japan has to offer, but I’ve seen pieces of s— like you come and go, year after year, and guess what? Chris Jericho is still here.” “The Alpha is still here. … I’m gonna make your famous Naito, when I beat your f—– ass at Dominion, take the Intercontinental Championship away from you, away from those filthy animals in Japan and take it back to the United States where it belongs. Be careful what you wish for junior because it’s going to come true. I’ll see you on June 9th at Dominion, f— face!”
You can check out the promo delivered by Chris Jericho in the video below:

When cameras cut back to Naito in the ring, he was relaxing on the mat (seemingly taking a nap) and cut a promo (as translated by Chris Charlton), as seen below:

Naito says that he half expected Jericho to show up.. guess he’s occupado. It was a pretty foul mouthed message but rude of whoever played it too: this is the time to celebrate the Juniors and that’s where the spotlight should be. #njbosj
— chris charlton (@reasonjp) May 22, 2018

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