J.R.'s Blog: Undertaker's Return, Batista's Surgery, Lilian Garcia, Legends Rountable

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry at www.jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the most notable things he wrote:

When Undertaker will return: “Communicated with The Undertaker recently who is anxious to return to the ring sooner than later. I don’t have a return date but there is no doubt in my mind that the future Hall of Famer will be back in a WWE ring by summer’s end or early autumn. “They” don’t make ’em like the “Demon of Death Valley” any more folks and for those that continue to send us questions regarding a ‘Taker retirement be advised that they are still be deleted because there’s nothing to that rumor.”

Batista’s surgery: “Dr. Jim Andrews, as I understand it, in Birmingham, Alabama performed the surgery to repair a major injury to Dave Batista’s biceps. The Animal will be out at least 4 months and perhaps closer to 6. Bad break for a good guy but no one has to worry about how hard Batista will work to come back and be 100%. Nor will Dave be “lonely” one has to assume. Perhaps Nurse Slobberknockers will be available. Sponge bath any one??”

Latest WWE Legends Roundtables: “The WWE 24/7 Legends Roundtable went well as Michael Hayes, WWE HOF’ers Sgt. Slaughter, Pat Patterson, Mean Gene Okerlund, and me discussed how patriotism and nationalism have been utilized in wrestling. On the second show we discussed “Giants,” as in size, of wrestling. We were all asked to name our favorite “Giant” and I did not name Andre but others obviously did. We also discussed how the term “Giant” has changed over the years considering that men like 6’7″ Killer Kowalski and Don Leo Jonathan were considered legit “Giants” back in the 50’s and in the pre-Andre days. Sarge had some awesome stories to tell about meeting President Reagan in the White House and President Nixon on an airplane. Plus, the death threats Sarge received after becoming an Iraq sympathizer was freakish and the steps that had to be taken to keep Slaughter safe were eye opening.”

Lilian Garcia’s future in WWE: “Lots of questions regarding WWE seeking a female, ring announcer/singer. This doesn’t mean that Lilian Garcia is going any where but media company’s like WWE are never NOT looking for new announce talents. I do not know what Lilian’s long term professional or personal goals are but I have not heard any thing but good things about her work. We all know she can damn sure sing. Who knows, perhaps Lil is looking to cut back on her road schedule. She’s in Prague as I write this.”

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