Ivory on Her WWE HOF Induction, Having McMahon’s Approval & More

It was previously reported that WWE has officially announced that former Women’s Champion Ivory will be joining Bill Goldberg and The Dudley Boyz in the WWE Hall of Fame this year in New Orleans. After the announcement, ESPN interviewed Ivory about her induction. Below are the highlights from the interview:
On going into the WWE Hall of Fame: “[This Hall of Fame recognition] means that it’s a full circle in your career, in your wrestling chapter. It’s great bragging rights for your family that have seen you go through the eras and I also feel like it’s an awesome tribute to the women in wrestling as a whole.”
“I liken it to almost getting married, it’s my wedding day, which I’ve never had one, so, this is probably as close to a wedding production as I’ll ever get. Hair and makeup, I will be speaking my vows — with regards to my wrestling career — to all these people I adore and love and we want it to all happen without a hitch.”

On her December 1999 Entertainment Weekly cover with Steve Austin: “I don’t think either one of us at the time knew what an honor that was — to be having her take our photograph. That was a highlight for me — it’s small because it’s not taking bumps or a big pay per view event or a big championship, but that was one of those amazing sidebar things that I got to do.”
On having Vince McMahon’s approval: “I always felt embraced by the family. I didn’t chat with Vince McMahon all the time, but he always gave me great opportunities. I always felt like I had his seal of approval like, ‘Yeah, give it to Ivory, she will do it right.’”
After the announcement, Triple H also commented on Ivory being inducted into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame as seen below:

A fierce and ground-breaking competitor, from an originator in GLOW to @WWE Women’s Champion, #Ivory left an indelible mark on our industry. Welcome to the #WWEHOF! pic.twitter.com/7oFNf3MtPm
— Triple H (@TripleH) February 12, 2018

You can read the entire interview of Ivory at ESPN.com.