Interesting Facts About Five Well-Known Wrestlers

Montel Vontev?us Porter

In 16 years, the MVP has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for armed robbery of a Cruise casino, which he made together with his accomplices. At first, they got away with this, but then one of the accomplices handed Porter over the cops. MVP was released of the prison after serving half of the term.
Once during the term in prison, MVP was sent to solitary confinement for having tried to burn down the prison after the black jack game.
Later one of the employees of the prison, who was indie-wrestler, helped MVP to start a career in wrestling.

Perro Aguayo

He died at the age of 35 years from the larynx fracture directly on the ring. Perro Aguayo died not long ago. Wrestler from AAA died on March 21, of 2015. Perro had a team match and died after falling with his neck into the ropes.

Alberto Del Rio

Not for a long time acted as MMA fighter called – Luchadore in the Mask.
Alberto has most famous and ancient ancestry in Mexico, also rumors said that his real name was Don Caras Jr., which he uses only in the family, and under which he performed at the beginning of his career.
In 2000, he had the opportunity to go to the Olympic Games, to wrestling, but Mexico had problems with money, and in the end team did not get to the event at all.

Alex Riley

Before the wrestling career Alex Riley worked as a cashier.
Riley several times arrested for driving while intoxicated. The loudest arrest was in November 17 of 2010 when he refused to take a test for alcohol.
Alex’s mother – a former Miss Virginia.

Big Show

Big Show – the only person who was the heavyweight champion in ECW, WCW and WWE.
Big Show has Galeophobia – he fears and hates cats.
Big Show was the first person in the same year received the title of “Rookie of the Year” and “The Wrestler of the Year”.

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