'I just had a horrible feeling': Gielnik made to sweat over World Cup selection

Emily Gielnik knows the devastation of not being selected for the Australian team.

The forward just missed out on Olympic selection for the Matildas' Rio campaign in 2016 and she was dreading the same nightmare happening when the World Cup squad for France was unveiled on Tuesday.

Gielnik was made to sweat by Matildas team manager Vito Basile, who teased her by initially making her believe she had missed out again when he called on Monday night to break the news that she had, in fact, been selected.

''I got a phone call last night. It was a bit strange because it was my birthday,'' she said on Tuesday morning

''I'd been told to sit on this couch. And I was quite annoyed because I hoped no one had organised a party for me … I hoped people weren't turning up.

''It was really weird. I was just sat on this couch and got told to do my button,'' she explained.


''I said, OK, hang on, I've got to answer this phone call. It's Vito.

''It was Vito calling me and to be honest, he was a really good actor. He had me sweating for about a minute there. And then he changed his tune.

''I was almost in devastation. And then he changed his tune again. And then it was good news.

''He said like, how do I think I've been going lately? What's my performances? And I was like 'what do you mean?'

''I didn't want to sound, like, cocky or anything but I think I've been doing all right, but you know, you never know.

''He made it feel like, 'look, this is always a hard phone call, a hard decision to make'. And that's what got me and I think if you've seen the video at that point, I was in a bit of shock.

''And there was a few seconds there and I thought, 'not again'.

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''I just had a horrible feeling in my stomach. And I thought you kidding me?

''He's calling me to tell me [that I missed out].

''And I said at least it's not in person this time.''

But it turned out to be good news for Gielnik.

''But then he said I was going to France. I was pretty emotional and pretty happy,'' she said.