Hornswoggle On Backstage Reaction To WeeLC Match, Cruiserweight Title Tourney & More

Former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle (Swoggle) recently spoke with the folks at Uproxx for an interview. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On not being brought back to WWE for their recent Cruiserweight Championship Tournament: “I get asked that so much. I think they think like, ‘Oh, he’s definitely not 205 pounds or less right now.’ I mean, it’s not close, but I can see why they’d say that. No, and I wish they would have made mention in some way.”

On wanting the original WWE Cruiserweight Championship belt (because he was the last guy to hold it): “Yeah. And they never did anything with it, ever. And I just want that real title [belt] they never gave me, ’cause they always said, ‘We’re gonna bring it back.’ I said, ‘No, you’re not. You’re not gonna do that.’ I just want the real one.”

On fans enjoying the WeeLC match and getting a standing ovation backstage afterwards: “Unexpected. People expected it to be us biting each other’s asses on top of ladders. Instead, we beat the piss outta each other and ourselves. It was a lot of moving parts, man. Everyone was so excited. Everyone involved was so excited, between the agents and all the guys involved, we were so excited for everything. And I remember getting … I say it at every interview. I get to the back and didn’t get ungeared for like two hours. I was like, ‘This is so awesome.’ Easily, maybe my only standing ovation in ‘Gorilla,’ even from Vince [McMahon], which made me feel really good about myself. It was awesome. That’s the one where, if someone asks what I do, I give them that. I’ve only watched it once. It’s one of the three matches in my career I’ve watched. I’ve never watched any more than that. I don’t watch my stuff.”

On WWE never making up their mind regarding whether his character was a child or an adult: “It was all the time. Literally, one week it was a child, the next week I was a grown-ass adult. I was drinking beer on SmackDown, getting hammered on SmackDown backstage, ’cause they just have me keep doing the takes. And it would bust, and I would bust it on purpose a couple times just so I could keep drinking the Guinness. I finished a four-pack of Guinness during a shoot; it was awesome. Bruce Prichard proceeds to go, ‘Are you drunk?’ ‘No, sir. I would never drink at work. I would never get drunk.’ He goes, ‘You’re drunk.’ I go, ‘Nah. Meh.’ He goes, ‘How about we stop drinking so much and we actually do this?’ And I go, ‘Ah, okay, I guess.’ ‘Cause we just kept topping off the beers.”

Check out the complete Hornswoggle interview at Uproxx.com.

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