Here Are 5 ‘Egregious’ Cases of Collegiate Conservative Censorship This Year

  • Intercollegiate Studies Institute President Charlie Copeland reveals five cases of conservative collegiate censorship.
  • The incidents involve ISI students at Gonzaga University, Wake Forest University, University of Notre Dame, Michigan State University, and Pitzer College.
  • Copeland maintains that the censorship seen on these campuses discourages diversity of thought and is dangerous to student growth and United States unity.

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute says that conservative censorship seen in five specific instances in collegiate institutions across the United States is not only hypocritical but also destructive for the United States of America.

President of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) Charlie Copeland revealed five cases of conservative collegiate censorship this year in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation. Copeland’s ISI is an intellectual organization focused on teaching America’s founding principles to a new generation of conservative leaders.

“Our students, just because they happen to lean conservatively or liberation, are in many cases threatened or harassed,” Copeland said.

Gonzaga University

One of the incidents Copeland listed took place at Gonzaga University in Maryland. ISI planned to host a debate, “Why Bother with a Liberal Arts Education?” ISI invited George Mason Professor Bryan Caplan, who views liberal arts study as unimportant, Clemson professor Brookes Brown who believes that liberal arts studies are indeed important, and Utah State professor Harrison Kleiner as moderator.

Gonzaga refused to allow ISI to hold the debate on campus though ISI offered to pay for space. Gonzaga also refused to give a reason why they would not allow ISI to hold the event on campus, according to Forbes. They also requested a list of the students and faculty at Gonzaga who were involved with the event. Copeland believes they wanted this information as a sort of blacklist.  ISI chose to hold the event in a neighboring hotel.

Copeland pointed out that Gonzaga allowed Bernie Sanders to hold an event at the school that year, but did not allow the ISI event to take place which would have discussed both sides of the political spectrum. “You’re allowed to discuss socialism on campus but you’re not allowed to discuss liberal arts at a liberal arts school,” Copeland said.

Gonzaga University did not respond to requests for comment.

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