GOP outraised Dem rivals in August

The Republican National Committee (RNC) outraised the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in August, continuing a streak that has seen the RNC consistently fundraise more than their Democratic rivals in 2017.

The RNC raised $7.3 million, while the DNC raised $4.4 million — a nearly $3 million difference.

The DNC slightly closed the gap from the July totals, when the RNC raised over $6 million more than the DNC.


Both committees spent more in August than they raised, with the DNC spending nearly $45,000 more than it raised, while the RNC spent approximately $1.3 million more than raised for August. 

The GOP has significantly more cash on hand than the Democrats. The DNC has only $6.8 million, compared to the RNC’s $45.8 million.

The RNC reported zero debt, while the DNC increased its debt to about $4.1 million — up from $3.4 million last month.

“I am convinced this unprecedented amount of support in a non-presidential year reflects one thing and one thing only,” the RNC’s finance chairman, Steve Wynn, said in a statement earlier this week touting the numbers. 

“Citizens in every state have donated to the Republican Party because they want even more of the economic and political leadership offered by our Party and the Trump Administration.”

The RNC raised a total of $93.3 million in the first eight months of 2017, while the DNC brought in $46.3 million.

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