Goldust Talks Cody Rhodes & WWE Wellness, MVP TV Project, 80's WWE Style

– has a new feature up with WWE Divas discussing whether 1980’s Superstar Style is still in fashion.

– Former WWE superstar MVP tweeted the following on Friday about a new television project might be doing:

“Incidentally, I’m VERY close to closing a deal that could have me back on TV. NOTHING to do with wrestling though. Stay tuned…”

– Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network and the Baltimore Sun has published a 40 minute phone interview with former WWE Superstar Goldust.

In this career retrospective interview, Goldust talks about everything from his early days as The Natural in WCW to his most recent tenure in WWE and his attempts to secure a Wrestlemania match with his brother Cody Rhodes. Highlights of the conversation include discussing the beginnings of the Goldust concept and how he didn’t actually know what he was signing up for when he was pitched the “androgynous” character, creating the stuttering gimmick with Booker T based on a backstage rib, and revealing that he came up with all his own outrageous costumes including his undergarments at Wrestlemania 12. Finally Dustin also expresses his gratitude for how much the WWE Wellness Program helped turn his life around.

Here are some highlights, followed by the full interview:

Talking about how far the idea of “Cody Rhodes vs Goldust” at WrestleMania went, and Vince McMahon’s reaction:

“It was discussed several times. I took it to Vince’s attention many times and this was like months before and almost a year before things like that. Each time he was like no, second time no not going to do that, third time no, not yet, he left that open for me with not yet, it gave me a little hope.”

His early days in WCW and WWF as “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes

“You know me and Steve Austin had some knock down drag out matches in the ring and a lot of blood was spilled things like that, we had some great matches. I think probably the feud I had with him was marked my favorite.”

Initially being uncomfortable with the Goldust:

“As far as the work it took me about 6 months of Vince saying I’m going to stand behind you and no matter what. I don’t want you to get head strong, if you’re stressed out just give me a call if you need to talk, and I did on several occasions. I really got no direction on how to be more androgynous and I was just learning how to be a heel.”

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