Goa farmers urged to improve crop yields by chanting ancient Hindu mantras instead of using fertiliser

Farmers in India’s idyllic beach resort of Goa are being encouraged by officials through WhatsApp posts to follow ‘Vedic farming’ techniques by chanting ancient Hindu mantras to ensure better yields. 

State Agricultural Minister Vijay Sardesai, who inaugurated the pilot Shiv Yog Cosmic Farming project at Fatorda, 20 miles south of Goa’s capital Panjim, also maintained that this novel practice of ‘channelling shakti (energy) into the soil’ via these intonations was also an alternative to harmful chemical fertilisers.

The novel method requires farmers to daily recite a ‘healing’ Sanskrit mantra for 20 minutes during the sowing season; the resultant vibrations would ensure a safer and higher crop output, the minister said.  

The WhatApp posts portray footage of farmers in central Madhya Pradesh state sitting cross legged on their fields collectively "tapping the cosmic shakti (energy) and pushing the universe’s positive vibrations towards healthier seed germination".

According to the Indian Express the holy invocation by these farmers was supervised by Avadhoot Shivanand, a former chemical engineer, who has been propagating this unique cosmic agricultural venture from his headquarters in Gurgaon on New Delhi’s outskirts.

The state's agriculture minister said chanting could replace harmful chemical fertilisersCredit:

“All I know is that there are some celestial sounds one can capture and channel through meditation and help increase the yield and decrease the input of fertilisers” Mr Sardesai told the Express.

To bolster his claim he stated that his wife, had successfully employed this technique on some orchids in their Goa house.

The minister said that initially he too was sceptical and disbelieving of this procedure, but that it could not be dismissed as magic.

“There are studies backing this method” Sardesai said, but did not elaborate.

Over the past few weeks Goa’s agricultural officials have conducted workshops on Cosmic farming in which farmers were instructed to recite the curative Om Hrom Jum Sah mantra every day till the seeds took root. Instructors from the Shiv Yog Foundation, named after Shiva, one of the principal Hindu gods said these recitations would bring the positive microorganisms alive and gradually reduce dependence on fertilisers.

Sardesai’s Goa Forward Party is a coalition partner in Goa’s government alongside Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has championed numerous technological achievements of pre-historic India since assuming federal power in May 2014.

In April Biplab Kumar Deb, BJP chief minister of India’s northeastern Tripura declared that the Internet existed during the times of the Mahabhharta, the legendary Sanskrit war epic in which good defeats evil.  

“My country had the (Internet) technology years ago, which no country had. I am proud of that and I think every Indian should feel proud” he declared at a regional workshop on computerisation.

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I want to repeat that we should accept the truth and should not get confused,” he added.

In 2014 Modi told an audience of doctors and scientists in Mumbai that plastic surgery, genetic science and stem cell study existed thousands of years ago in ancient India and was how the Hindu god Ganesha’s elephant head was attached to a human body. 

In a similar vein other BJP supporters and members have claimed that motorcars, aircraft and space vehicles capable of inter-planetary travel too existed a millennia ago. 

Warring kings even left behind a helmet on Mars, which these claimants maintained had been discovered by Nasa scientists.