Free Match Tuesday: Ember Moon on the Indies, DIY vs AOP, WWE Hall of Famer, Lots of Women’s Wrestling & More

Every week numerous wrestling promotions release full matches online, completely free on their YouTube channels, and every Tuesday we collect as many wrestling gems as we can find and compile them all here for your viewing pleasure.

First up this week is a throwback featuring WWE Raw Superstar Ember Moon, way back when she was known as “Athena”. The match is question is actually from Ring of Honor, well before the days of the Women of Honor Championship, as Athena goes head to head with Barbi Hayden.

Next up from Impact Wrestling is a classic bout between Austin Aries and Samoa Joe from X-Division Championship from TNA Slammiversary X. Interestingly, ELEVEN of the people on that match card went on to wrestle for WWE.

Keeping with Impact Wrestling, we’ve got a bout from the vault, going all the way back to NWA-TNA PPV #16 for a tag team match between America’s Most Wanted – James Storm and Chris Harris – and The Spanish Announcement Team. For those curious, Joel and Jose Maximo (aka The SAT) were trained by Mike Awesome and Mikey Whipwreck, and at the time had only been in the business two years. I believe their gimmick was that they were the sons of Carlos Cabrera and Hugo Savinovich?

NJPW will be honoring the career of the legendary Super Strong Machine next week during one of their Kizuna Road events, with his official retirement ceremony taking place live on New Japan World. They have uploaded a classic bout between SSM and WWE Hall of Famer Tatsumi Fujinami, which you can check out below.–5M4

From WWE this week we have a battle for the NXT Tag Team Championships, as DIY takes on The Authors of Pain in an unforgettable ladder match. And yes, in case you’re wondering, this is THE match that killed all the hopes and dreams of every Johnny Gargano fan ever.

Finally, from Title Match Wrestling we have a trio of women’s wrestling matches that all took place for the Battle Club Pro independent promotion. Jessicka Havok takes on Harlow O’Hara, Impact Wrestling star Tessa Blanchard battles Mia Yim, and Jordynne Grace faces Rachael Ellering.