First Impact Wrestling Match Airing On Twitch Revealed, Lawler Working on Two Books, Wrestling Comedy to Be Released

As noted, Impact Wrestling has announced a Barbed Wire Massacre match featuring LAX vs oVe will take place on Impact Wrestling next week. The bout will also be the first match to stream as part of Impact’s new deal with Twitch, and the story line will be that the match will be too brutal to air on POP TV.

For the first time in a decade. For only the third time ever.

Barbed Wire Massacre.

oVe and LAX settle their bitter grudge in the most brutal violent way imaginable. You do not want to miss this next week. #IMPACTonPOP

— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) January 12, 2018

Jerry Lawler Beginning Work on Two New Books

Jerry Lawler announced via his “Dinner with the King” podcast this week that he is beginning work on two new books.

Lawler noted the first book will be another autobiography, which picks up where his first autobiography ended, which was in 2001.

The second book will be a collection of Lawler’s artwork. For the books, Lawler will be working with Mark James, who in the past has collaborated with Jerry Jarrett, Dutch Mantel, Bill Dundee, and has written about Memphis Wrestling and other territories.

Wrestling Comedy to Be Released

“HEEL KICK!”, a comedy about two talentless backyard wrestlers attempting to finally go pro is set to be released on iTunes and VOD platforms on January 19th, 2018. The film had a limited theatrical tour this Summer and garnered strong reviews along the way, and you can check out the official trailer below:

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