Finn Balor Reveals Why He Turned Down Previous WWE Offers

WWE Raw Superstar, Finn Balor was a recent guest on the Sam Roberts Podcast where he revealed why he turned down previous WWE contract offers. Below are some highlights from the interview with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

On turning down several WWE deals:

“The offer was actually there when I was 26, 27 and 28. Every year they came knocking. I had done two years in the New Japan Dojo and was kind of starting to establish myself in New Japan. There were a couple of phone calls made and offers were on the table. For me, it never felt like the right time,” he said. “Honestly, when I finally came I didn’t know if it was the right time either but I had to roll the dice at some point and so I am the kind of person where I am never ready until I am actually doing it. Sometimes you have to be brave and make that decision and take that risk and definitely it would have been a lot different. When that first phone call came when I was 26 and accepted the WWE offer back then I don’t think I would still be here now. I am very happy with the way things evolved with my career and the slow progression I have made year by year, so I wouldn’t change anything.”

Why he decided to join the company:

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“There was a combination of things: I felt like I had pretty much done everything that I needed to do at New Japan, personally. There were storylines that were pitched around that I was going to get into, but I didn’t really feel like it was going to be any sort of different stuff. Then I was 32 years old and was thinking, well if I do another two years with New Japan would the door still be open in WWE? That was almost five years ago and the landscape was a lot different back then. They were a lot into the younger guys,” he said. “Every time the opportunity had came up it never felt like the right moment but I think when it came up that time kind of towards a year and a half where I was part of the Bullet Club stuff, when the opportunity came I felt that it was the right time to go. I had kind of peaked and maxed out. Not only professionally, but personally and mentally I needed a change. I had been in Japan for eight years and had done everything that I could to get to the top of New Japan so I felt that I needed a reset and start at the bottom and get myself a new goal and a new drive and a new target to set my eyes on. At the time it felt right, and things have worked out so far.”

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