Ex-WWE Star, Neville Reportedly Off The Grid & Not Responding To Promoters

According to a report by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, former Cruiserweight Champion, Neville has gone off the grid and is no longer responding to promoters who are trying to book him.

Despite previous reports claiming that he was in talks with various promotions about making his first non-WWE appearance since his release, it appears that may no longer be the case. Below is a highlight from Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer with a H/T to Cultaholic for the transcription:

“People ask about Neville all the time and this is the situation as best we can tell. WWE said that he is free and clear and can wrestle anywhere. He was in talks with some promotions but told them he wasn’t ready to start yet, citing legal issues. He’s then completely gone off the grid and hasn’t responded to promoters as best we can tell. Will Ospreay wanted to do a singles match with him at Wrestle Kingdom but we have no idea if he’s up for that or anything in wrestling right now.”

It now remains to be seen whether Neville will return to wrestling or not. The former NXT and Cruiserweight Champion has also been dark on his social media, not posting anything since he last performed for WWE.

Source :

Wrestling Observer

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