EuroVolley: Time for Final Four! Who will get the title?

We are after Group Stages, Play-Offs and Quarterfinals. Now Top 4: Germany, Belgium, Russia and Serbia will go to Berlin so as to fight for title and medals. Who win this?

For most teams tournament ended, Let’s see further places classified by CEV:

5. Croatia
6. Italy
7. Turkey
8. France
9. Netherlands
10. Czech Republic
11. Poland
12. Belarus
13. Bulgaria
14. Switzerland
15. Azerbaijan
16. Spain

Let’s check candidates for a title, looking at previous matches and players:

Previous matches:
Group Stage: Spain (3-0), Netherlands (3-2), Turkey (3-0)
Quarterfinal: Croatia (3-0)
Click Here: cheap sydney roosters jerseyLeading Players: Opposite Margareta Kozuch (70 points, 38,4% spike), Middle Blocker Christiane Fürst (54 points; 67,3% spike; 1,07 blocks/set), Outside Hitter Maren Brinker (53 points; 38,8% spike; 48,1% positive reception)
Team Stats: Reception Positive: 52,2%; Spike: 43,3%; Errors/Set: 5,5

Previous matches: 
Group Stage: France (3-1), Switzerland (3-0), Italy (3-1)
Quarterfinal: France (3-2)
Leading Players: Opposite Lise Van Hecke (58 points; 37,5% spike), Outside Hitter Charlotte Leys (57 points; 47,1% spike; 63,4% positive reception), Middle Blocker Freya Aelbrecht (38 points; 44,8% spike; 0,69 blocks/set)
Team Stats: Reception Positive: 57,3%; Spike: 37,4%; Errors/Set: 5,25

Previous matches: 
Group Stage: Belarus (3-1), Croatia (3-1), Azerbaijan (3-0)
Quarterfinal: Turkey (3-0)
Leading Players: Opposite Natalya Obmochaeva (71 points; 46,5% spike), Outside Hitter Tatiana Kosheleva (58 points; 52,5% spike; 71,6% positive reception), Middle Blocker Yulia Morozova (37 points; 50% spike; 1,43 blocks/set)
Team Stats: Reception Positive: 61,4%; Spike: 47,1%; Errors/Set: 4,43

Previous matches: 
Group Stage: Bulgaria (2-3), Czech Republic (3-0), Poland (3-1)
Quarterfinal: Italy (3-0)
Leading Players: Opposite Jovana Brakocevic (89 points; 44% spike), Middle Blocker Milena Rasic (49 points; 58,5% spike; 0,47 blocks/set), Middle Blocker Natasha Krsmanovic (47 points; 57,7% spike; 0,6 blocks/set)
Team Stats: Reception Positive: 57,1%; Spike: 46,2%; Errors/Set: 5,13

Looking at these stats we can confirm that Serbia and Russia should be in final, but thanks to draw they will meet in semifinal. I suppose that Russia will meet Germany in final. I’m impressed most by Russian team, but everything can happen.

Who can get inidvidual awards? CEV should  use new system with best line-up, so candidates are (I chose only from Top 4 teams):
MVP (depends mostly on winner): Joavana Brakocevic/Tatiana Kosheleva/Margareta Kozuch/Charlotte Leys (I’d choose Kosheleva)
Best Opposite: Natalya Obmochaeva/Jovana Brakocevic (depends on last matches performance)
Best Outside Hitters: Tatiana Kosheleva/Charlotte Leys/Jelena Nikolic/Maren Brinker (best are Kosheleva and Leys)
Best Middle Blockers: Christiane Fürst/Yulia Morozova Freya Aelbrecht/Milena Rasic (best are Morozova and Fürst)
Best Setter: Ekaterina Pankova/Frauke Dirickx/Maja Ognjenovic/Kathleen Weiss (hard choice, I’d choose Ognjenovic)
Best Libero: Suzana Cebic/Lenka Dürr/Valerie Courtois/Svetlana Kryuchkova (hard choice again, best receiver is Kryuchkova, but she plays with Anna Malova, who’s defence Libero, I’d choose Courtois)