Enzo Amore’s New Song About Liv Morgan? Response to SS Incident

Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore has been out of the company and hasn’t event wrestled a single match in months, but that has not stopped the former Cruiserweight Champion from making headlines in the industry. Following a police investigation into a rape allegation, along with several previous rumors of backstage heat, Enzo was fired by WWE back in January. Enzo Amore has mostly been focused on launching a rap career for himself ever since he was released from WWE earlier this year. He has already released a few different songs, but his newest hit has garnered some controversy as some fans have interpreted the song to be about current WWE Superstar for Monday Night Raw, Liv Morgan.
Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan dated during a good portion of their time together in WWE, but that relationship came to an end a while ago. Amore – now known as nZo – dropped an album yesterday titled “Rosemary’s Baby Pt. 1: Happy Birthday,” and one of the songs featured on the album is curiously titled “Liv a 30 for 30.” Enzo’s new song feature lyrics about how it isn’t easy to maintain a relationship while constantly being on the road, as well as lyrics about how much more mature he is than the person being described in the song. Liv Morgan posted a response on Twitter seemingly in response to Amore’s song. Fans who may be interested in listening to the former WWE Superstar may do so down below:

Thank u, next ??
— LIV Morgan ???? (@YaOnlyLivvOnce) November 18, 2018

— LIV Morgan ???? (@YaOnlyLivvOnce) November 19, 2018

The controversy for this former wrestler does not stop there though. Enzo once again made his presence felt by making a surprise appearance as a fan in the second row during WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view last night. After causing a scene, Enzo was quickly removed from the arena by security guards, and he was reportedly banned from reentering the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the remainder of the night. Amore has since commented on the incident on Twitter. One of his tweets refers to a separate recent incident wherein he was removed from an airplane for his refusal to stop vaping. Enzo is still scheduled for a performance at Whiskey A-Go-Go in the Los Angeles area today.

Just checked…. Still Certfied.
— real1 (@real1) November 19, 2018

Apparently you can’t vape inside the staples center. #HowYouDoin!?
— real1 (@real1) November 19, 2018

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