Embracing Extreme 'Go-It-Alone' Agenda, Anti-Science Trump to Skip Climate Portion of G7 Summit

Once again demonstrating his utter contempt for the environment, science, and America’s closest allies, the White House announced on Thursday that President Donald Trump will duck out of the G7 summit in Canada this weekend just in time to miss key sessions on the climate crisis and the health of the world’s oceans.

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“Trump’s go-it-alone, extreme agenda has taken center stage at the summit,” Sierra Club noted in a statement reacting to Trump’s plan to depart the major gathering early.

“Aside from instilling terror in immigrant mothers, the Trump administration’s greatest accomplishment has been dismantling climate and environmental protections.”
—Brian Kahn, Earther

“Trump is the only world leader at the G7 who fails to grasp the basic science, and the urgent threat, of the climate crisis,” added John Coequyt, Sierra Club’s global climate policy director. “Too many elected Republican officials in the United States deny the science of climate change as a matter of political convenience, while Donald Trump remains completely beholden to fossil fuel moguls and is willing to ignore reality when it suits him.”

As Earther‘s Brian Kahn notes, it is not exactly surprising that the U.S. president would want to skip meetings that will likely be filled with information on the importance of reducing carbon emissions, safeguarding Earth’s oceans from pollution, and transitioning to green energy, given that his administration has pursued the precise opposite course during Trump’s first year and a half in office.