Domino's Pizza Owners Admit to Widespread Wage Theft

The owners of 23 Domino’s Pizza outlets in New York admitted to rampant theft of workers’ wages and agreed Thursday to a nearly half a million dollar settlement with hundreds of employees for numerous labor violations.

“Fast food corporations like Domino’s and McDonald’s cannot hide from their responsibility for these unlawful practices,” said Naquasia LeGrand, a Brooklyn KFC employee and member Fast Forward. “They’re the ones in control of the daily operations of their franchisees.”

The settlement was the result of an investigation by State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman into allegations of wage theft. According to a press release from Schneiderman’s office, between and 2013, the owners admitted to numerous violations, including: paying below minimum wage, refusing or underpaying overtime pay, and refusing to adequately compensate delivery drivers for their car expenses.

Multiple, nation-wide waves of fast food worker strikes and protests have forced into the national discourse problems of pay theft, “starvation wages,” and poor working conditions that are rampant in the fast food industry.