Detroit Ruled Out As Possible Host Of WrestleMania 32

The following is an excerpt from a new article in the Windsor Star:

The joint bid between Detroit and Windsor to bring WrestleMania 32 to Ford Field in 2016 has been turned down, said Dave Beachnau, Detroit Sports Commission executive director.

Despite many rumours circulating Friday in social media stating Detroit as the front runner to host the professional wresting pay-per-view event, they didn’t make the short list.

“We were notified back in June,” Beachnau said, who wants to put the gossip to rest. “There is no truth to it. I don’t know where people are getting this information.”

There were many blogs and tweets stating Detroit was among the final three, with Orlando, Florida and Dallas, Texas. Reportedly, the WWE is expected to make its decision at the end of the month and an announcement is expected to be made in early 2014.

“We haven’t heard from them since,” Beachnau said, after talking to them in June. “If we are back on that list, they haven’t told me.”

According to Beachnau, the WWE’s decision process is very confidential and they haven’t publicly announced the WrestleMania 32 short list.

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