Details On WrestleMania Battle Royal, Heat On CM Punk?, Christian Cage Update

– Expect the 24-Man Battle Royal at WrestleMania that will feature talent from all three brands to include anybody who is a regular on television who does not already have a WrestleMania match. The match, which will determine the number one contender for the ECW Championship, will likely be kept very short.

– There are still reports circulating around the Internet that there is backstage heat on CM Punk, however, they are not true. One source told me, “Think about it, if there were heat on CM Punk why would the company put him on Raw against Edge and in the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania?” Apparently the reports stem from people that do not like CM Punk as there are some of the boys that do not like the way that he comes across. Some people backstage see Punk as a “know-it-all” thus there are reports leaked that he is not liked.

– Christian Cage is not working this week’s TNA house shows. Christian worked TNA’s New York run last month, replacing Booker T because he wanted to work in New York. Booker is working the current TNA house shows.

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