Del Rio & Ziggler Hype Their Match On Main Event, Zack Ryder Talks WM29

– Poor Zack Ryder. With WrestleMania 29 approaching, the Long Island Broski seems to have given up hope that he’ll get a match on the show. He tweeted this week:

“I can’t wait to order my new gear for WrestleMania……Axxess.”

– World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio will wrestle Dolph Ziggler on tonight’s episode of WWE Main Event on Ion. Here’s what both men had to say about the match:

Del Rio: “We had an spectacular #MainEvent and #SmackDown show here in Little Rock,Arkansas. You guys were amazing. Thanks. And don’t miss #mainevent this Wednesday you’ll see one of the best matches ever on the show!! WHC Alberto Del Rio vs Ziggler”

Ziggler: “I’d hate to have to follow my match on #MainEvent (wednesday night on @IONtv) or any of my matches #ZigglersBetter”

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