Deadly Storms Batter South, Now Threaten East Coast

MONROE COUNTY, MS — At least three people are reportedly dead in Mississippi and Texas after powerful storms battered the South over the weekend. Multiple tornadoes were believed to have touched down and more than 20 people were also hurt in the storms, The Associated Press reported. Numerous homes and businesses were damaged or left in the dark.

The massive storm system is heading east and could bring additional tornadoes and severe weather from New England to the Gulf Coast, CNN reported. About 90 million people live in areas that could see severe weather Sunday.

“New York, Washington DC and Atlanta all within the zone,” CNN Meteorologist Derek Van Dam said.

A tornado struck northeastern Mississippi and tree crashed onto a trailer, killing one person,Monroe County Road Manager Sonny Clay told reporters at a news conference. Another 19 people were taken to hospitals. Two were critically hurt.

A possible twister touched down Saturday near Vicksburg, Mississippi, the National Weather Service said. No injuries were reported there, though several businesses and vehicles were damaged and trees were downed, officials said.

Two children, ages 8 and 3, were also killed in eastern Texas when a pine tree fell onto the back of a car they were riding in Saturday. The car was on a back country road in Pollok, about 150 miles southeast of Dallas. Capt. Alton Lenderman, of the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office, said the tree “flattened the car like a pancake.” The children died at the scene. Both parents were in the front seat and were unharmed.