Dead at Only 24, Yemeni Anti-Drone and Pro-Democracy Activist Left Legacy of Peace and Justice

Friends and colleagues of Yemen social justice campaigner and political activist Ibrahim Mothana have been expressing shock, sadness and loss over the early death of the 24-old-man who died in Sanaa on Thursday.

Known internationally as a voice for the peaceful pro-democracy uprising in Yemen that began in 2011 and as a tireless critic of the U.S. drone campaign that has terrorized his country in recent years, Mothana was both a co-founder of the Wantan Party in Yemen and an international spokesperson for what many term the “New Yemen” envisioned by many of its citizens, especially the youth.

The cause of his death was not being reported, nor were those expressing grief discussing the circumstances.

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In announcing Mothana’s passing, the Yemen Peace Project, released a statement, which read in part:

From Western journalists like Jeremy Scahill and Iona Craig who spent time with him in Yemen to other leading Yemen activists like Farea Al-muslimi who worked closely with him, the loss of Mothana was being expressed in heartfelt posts on Twitter:

And others:

Tweets about “”Ibrahim Mothana” OR @imothanaYemen”

Recounting some of his anti-drone campaigning, the Huffington Post adds: