Daily Caller News Foundation Defeats FBI’s Bid To Shield Docs Surrounding Comey Ally

  • The FBI must begin producing documents regarding Daniel Richman, the Columbia Law School professor former FBI Director James Comey used as a go-between with the press, a federal judge decided. 
  • Richman is a close friend of the former director who performed work for the Bureau as a “special government employee.” 
  • The Daily Caller News Foundation and Cause of Action Institute are seeking records and communications Richman produced for the FBI to better understand “special projects” he performed at Comey’s direction.

The FBI must begin releasing records regarding a special government employee and confidant of former Director James Comey who ferried sensitive information to the press, a federal judge ruled.

Cause of Action Institute sued the FBI on The Daily Caller News Foundation’s behalf in August 2018 to secure production of those documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The Comey ally is Daniel Richman, a Columbia Law School professor who leaked private memos detailing Comey’s interactions with President Donald Trump.

“The FBI has worked very hard to keep James Comey and Daniel Richman’s dealings free from public scrutiny,” said DCNF editor in chief Christopher Bedford. “Now, we might finally learn the truth about Comey’s ‘good friend’ Richman and just what Comey had him working on.”

The Foundation hopes these records will illuminate Richman’s work at the FBI, his relationship with Comey, and his possible connection to politically fraught events at the Bureau, like its investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Testifying before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in June 2017, Comey told lawmakers that he relayed memos recording his private conversations with President Trump to Richman, with instructions to leak them to the press. One of those documents revealed that Trump asked Comey to end the Bureau’s investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

That personal appeal, and Comey’s subsequent dismissal, served as the basis for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the president for obstruction of justice.

Elsewhere in his testimony, Comey admitted that he orchestrated the leak in hopes his accounts would spur the appointment of a special counsel.

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