Conor McGregor “Over The Moon” For Ronda Rousey After Royal Rumble Debut

UFC Light Heavyweight Conor McGregor was in New York this week supporting a local charity and answered a few questions from street reporters while signing autographs. When asked about fellow MMA icon Ronda Rousey signing a contract with WWE and making her debut at the Royal Rumble, McGregor seemed genuinely excited and happy for his colleague.

“I’m delighted for her. Absolutely over the moon for her. She looked like she really enjoyed herself at the event, and I was very, very happy to see her. She’s a pioneer for the game and she’s came through it all and faced big wins and big, big losses. It’s great to see her represent herself and MMA, and have fun in WWE. I know she’s been a big fan all her life, so it’s great to see that.” 

McGregor has come under fire from wrestling fans in the past, especially after calling WWE Superstars “messed up pu***es” and taking shots at Brock Lesnar last August. Of course, the Notorious one has come under fire from pretty much everyone in the world at one point or another, so that’s not much of a surprise.

There were even reports that he was in talks to compete at this year’s WrestleMania 34 despite the aforementioned comments, and as we’ve seen from his “super fight” with Floyd Mayweather and rumors of a rematch in an MMA ring down the line, Conor will clearly appear anywhere if the money is right…