Congress Sends Letters To WWE Stars, Vickie Guerrero Storyline Dropped, Al Snow

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Congress sent letters to a number of WWE stars regarding steroids. The key question being asked is if Vince McMahon ever told them to take steroids. More than likely, he hasn’t, not to mention that he doesn’t need to. Furthermore, it doesn’t look like the previously scheduled Congress/pro wrestling hearings will be happening. The current session ends in a week or so and it’s not on any schedule for hearings.

— What with Kristal Marshall’s release from WWE a few weeks ago, it looks like the planned Vickie Guerrero storyline has been dropped. Original plans for the storyline called for Vickie & Kristal to find out that Theodore Long had a heart condition and to conspire to work together to get him to take Viagra to trigger a heart attack so that Vickie could be the lone General Manager on SmackDown. Instead, Vickie will simply be a babyface General Manager that stands up to men. Also, there’s no word yet on what they’re going to do with Theodore Long. They were giving health updates on Long, but they stopped doing that after a week or two. Long was assured that he wasn’t going to be dropped as a television character.

— Al Snow is engaged to former WWF Hardcore Champion Cynthia “Bobcat” Lynch. She was one of The Godfather’s “Ho’s” when she won the title from Crash Holly in May 2000. Bobcat currently works for the Women Extreme Wrestling promotion and other indy promotions.

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