CM Punk Discusses His Chemistry With Rey Mysterio As He Breaks Down Wrestling In Movies

CM Punk recently conducted an interview with GQ where he broke down wrestling scenes from movies and he spoke about several topics during the chat.

Punk spoke about his time working in Ring Of Honor, as well as various moves within the wrestling world that are used in the movies.

As well as that, Punk touched on John Cena’s in-ring communication skills and how he is known for being loud, stating:

“To communicate: the easiest way to do it is just whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears or talk as loudly as you possibly can so people in the cheap seats can hear you like John Cena.”

He also spoke about his in-ring chemistry with Rey Mysterio and how he could have a match without ever speaking:

“There’s guys that you can wrestle and not say a word to, but normally that comes with repetition. I could put my gear on right now and I guarantee you could have an entire match with Rey Mysterio and not talk to him once.”

H/T to for the transcriptions.

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