Chris Jericho Reacts To His Move Being Used, Alexa Bliss Responds To Twitter Troll, Zack Gibson Hypes WWE UK Tournament

During this week’s IMPACT Wrestling, a modified version of the Codebreaker was used and Chris Jericho has reacted to it on Twitter.

DJZ and Andrew Everett used the Codebreaker as a double team move called the Code-Red-Breaker and Jericho saw the move on Twitter. It seems that Jericho approved of the twist on his finisher, claiming that it was ‘killer.’

Wow that’s killer!!

— Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) May 18, 2018

Alexa Bliss Responds To Twitter Troll

Alexa Bliss was quick to respond to a Twitter troll today who called her out, claiming that she wears too much makeup.

Bliss responded by saying she wears enough to mask her ‘RBF’ so that she can at least look like she is interested in what they are saying.

Enough to mask my RBF . So atleast I “ look “ like I’m genuinely interested in what you’re saying 💄💋😒

— Alexa Bliss (@AlexaBliss_WWE) May 18, 2018

Zack Gibson Hypes WWE UK Championship Tournament

It was announced earlier this week that Zack Gibson will be taking part in the WWE UK Championship tournament and he has been hyping it up on Twitter, stating “Let’s have it.”

WWEUK Championship Tournament let's av it! 🔜🔥

— Zack Gibson (@ZackGibson01) May 17, 2018

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