Farewell to Malcolm Young, the Mastermind of AC/DC

Picture yourself, if you will, at an AC/DC show at some unruly venue in Albany or Toledo in the fall of 1978. Perhaps a friend has brought you, or maybe hearing one of the band’s songs on FM radio has drawn you there. Regardless, you’re in luck. You’re catching AC/DC at the perfect moment, as […]

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” Reviewed

There’s a scene in the middle of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” that’s so mysterious, inspired, rich in overtones, and tenuously attached to the movie surrounding it that it virtually shouts its presence as the writer and director Rian Johnson’s embedded showreel, his flourish of personal purpose and creative power amid the two and a […]

Canada’s Impossible Acknowledgment

Every morning, at the start of the school day in Toronto, my children hear the following inelegant little paragraph read aloud, just before the singing of “O Canada”: I hear the same little speech, or a version of it, at gala events—literary prizes, political fund-raisers, that sort of thing—when whichever government representative happens to be […]

Sam Smith’s Sugary Loneliness and the Choir Effect

Thomas A. Dorsey, the father of American gospel music, introduced ecstasy to old religious arrangements in escalating, yearning choruses. His creation, the gospel choir, and its essential juxtaposition of eros and propriety, arguably prefigured the invention of pop. The sound of a choir—whether American gospel, classical, or children’s—has a transformative effect on a pop song, […]

An Important Statue for “Comfort Women” in San Francisco

At the back of St. Mary’s Square in San Francisco’s Chinatown, the retired judge Lillian Sing—who, long a trailblazer, was Northern California’s first Asian-American female judge—unlocked a temporary plywood gate. Behind the gate, in the corner of a terrace, stood a week-old memorial. Against the backdrop of city skyscrapers, three teen-age girls, cast in bronze, […]

What to See in Movie Theatres This Weekend

The New Yorker’s film critics offer quick takes on current theatrical releases. “I Do . . . Until I Don’t” Lake Bell’s impressively personalized rom-com—she wrote it, directed it, and stars in it—delivers a warmly satisfying resolution without showing how it gets there. She plays Alice, a thirty-five-year-old woman in Vero Beach who longs for […]

R. Kikuo Johnson’s “Tech Support”

“I’m not too worried about machines replacing cartoonists,” the artist R. Kikuo Johnson says, about his cover for the Money Issue. Johnson may have switched from drawing with ink, brushes, and paper to using a stylus and a digital tablet, but he isn’t worried that computers will take over the rest of his cartooning process. […]

After Kevin Spacey, Gay Men Need a Whisper Network, Too

Because we are human beings, gay men talk to one another. Many of us have more or less known about Kevin Spacey for years—not just that he’s gay but that he’s not the kind of man you’d want your friend to go home with. Especially if he’s young. Jia Tolentino elegantly explained how women use […]