Booker T Releases an Album, Cena/Bella Update, World of Sport

Booker T is now a legend in the professional wrestling industry. Not only was Booker a successful champion in promotions such as WCW, WWE, and TNA, but he has also continued his career by launching a successful podcast, and he also owns and operates the Reality of Wrestling promotion in Houston, Texas. Booker T has now just released a new spoken word album. Booker T: Live in Hollywood sees Booker and co-host Brad Gilmore discuss wrestling with special guests such as Kurt Angle, David Arquette, Corey Graves, Eli Drake, Goldust, and Rob Van Dam. The album is available now for purchase, and Booker posted a full track listing for his brand new album on social media earlier today.


The album is OUT! Go buy, download or stream #BTLiveinHollywood! Featuring @bradgilmore @realsharmell @therealkurtangle @wwegraves @goldust @therealrvd @davidarquette and more!
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John Cena and Nikki Bella announced that they decided to call off their wedding and separate entirely earlier this year, but there has been a lot of rumors and speculation suggesting that the two will be getting back together soon. Cena and Bella have been spotted having meetings together, and Cena also went on TV and publicly informed Nikki that he missed her and wanted so start a family with her. On the official Bella Twins YouTube channel, Nikki addressed the current status of the relationship. Nikki Bella says that she and Cena are just good friends at the moment. Despite this, she also noted that they are trying to work out their differences and she is hopeful that they will get back together someday.

It is a coincidence that WWE announced their new NXT UK brand and UK roster right around the same time that the World of Sport show returned? Probably not, but that has not stopped ITV from bringing the show back and loading up each taping with some of the most fantastic British wrestlers on planet today. ITV is set to bring World of Sport back officially later on this month, and a brand new trailer for the relaunched series has just been uploaded online. Several episodes for the series were taped in the UK back in May, and the trailer features former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett, Will Ospreay, Viper, Kay Lee Ray, and several other UK stars who will definitely prove to valuable assets when the show comes back to TV this month.

WOS Wrestling is BACK!
Let the games begin… #WOSW #wrestling #thisJuly #ITV #dawnofanewera #bringiton
— ITV WOS Wrestling (@WOSWrestlingITV) July 1, 2018

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