‘Being the Elite Mailbag Live!’ Recap from Starrcast – The Entire Cast of BTE ‘Gets Heat’ in Chicago

Being the Elite Mailbag Live!
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The Young Bucks, Brandon Cutler and SoCal Uncensored are here to kick off Starrcast III in Chicago! They welcome Fat Ass Masa to the stage and comment about how he’s lost a lot of weight, but claims he’s still really fat to protect his gimmick.

Daniels sings Kenny Omega’s mailbag song from BTE. Scorpio Sky then leads a bunch of people in singing “That Thing You Do!” Kazarian hates all of them.

Hangman page is out next. He’s disappointed that he didn’t get pyro for his entrance, and the Bucks say they’re “on a WWE budget”.

Nick says Shawn Michaels’ in-ring comeback was “brutal”.

“We’re gonna get heat tonight.” – Nick

A fan asks a question about the Freebird Rule and is clearly intoxicated. Daniels asks if the alcohol and the marijuana is running the Freebird Rule on her at the moment.

“We’re not twins, by the way. For the love of god!” – Matt

The Bucks talk about how supportive and amazing their parents are. Nick says the reason we hear more about Papa Buck is that he’s more outgoing and Mama Buck is really shy and doesn’t want to be on camera, so we’re not likely to hear from her. They are not in town this weekend.

Nick announces AEW will run a show in SoCal. They can’t announce the date yet but it will happen in 2020.

Kenny Omega has arrived!

Hangman buries the UK complaining about not being able to find food past 9PM, none of the drinks being cold, nobody having air conditioning, etc. Omega talks about terrible crowds where it’s hot as hell and the crowd doesn’t react to anything.

Omega says he’s been talking to a lot of video game producers and he may be appearing in an upcoming fighting game as an actual character.

Somebody asked Brandon Cutler if he got his shirt from Michael Jackson’s estate sale.

“I’m burnt out, but if you keep loving it, I’ll keep doing it.” – Nick on BTE continuing after AEW television tapings begin.

Matt talks about the AEW TV product and says fans can look forward to a badass two-hour wrestling show every week, where wrestling will be taken seriously. The tag team titles can and will main event. The women’s title can and will main event. There won’t be glaring plot holes in their stories like you see on some other shows.

Kenny Omega is asked about appearing at Wrestle Kingdom 14 and does an impression of Mr. Burns, “When pigs fly!” He pokes fun at sitting at home, waiting by the phone, and it’s not looking good. “I’ve got nothing left for that place” shy of “maybe one big match”. Probably not.

If you could choose to sign any wrestler from any company, who would it be?

– Matt: “He’s going around telling people that we’re dead… I miss Marty. I would love to have Marty.”

– Nick: “Okada.”

– Omega: “To be honest… People are talking about him, so I want to put him on a stage to either prove himself, or shut him up. Will Ospreay. And the other obvious answer is Ibushi.”

– Kazarian: “I’m thrilled with the team we have, man. We’ve worked really hard to build [this team]. That’s who I want on my team. I don’t need anyone from some other F’n company.”

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– Scorpio Sky: “Tessa Blanchard. She’s still extremely young, and not only one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world, but one of the best wrestlers in the world.”

– Hangman Page: “I tried to murder him… We had a lot of dick heat… Through all that we’ve somehow grown closer. One of my friends, Joey Ryan.”