Becky Lynch Opens Up About Being ‘Beyond Frustrated’ With Her Past WWE Booking

WWE star Becky Lynch recently spoke with Inside the Ropes ahead of her Triple Threat WWE Smackdown Women’s Title match at SummerSlam, and below is what Lynch had to say about her past frustrations with her direction in WWE before her current push:

“I was in the back, throwing pieces of ham at people because I was so frustrated. There was a time where I was just beyond frustrated because I knew that I had done everything right. That every match that I went into I knew that people maybe didn’t know who my opponent was necessarily, but I wanted to make sure that they cared about them. And so I would work my hardest to make sure that people cared about that fued, and that people cared about everything that was going on in that division.

“And then, for some reason, I was sidelined for a long time and I was just frustrated because I knew I had done everything right, I knew that every match that I had gone into I had given it 120%. I knew that I didn’t stop thinking about it, I didn’t stop working for it, that every time I went into the gym I was training as hard as I possibly could so that I could get back on top. But I wasn’t necessarily getting the opportunities. So I was beyond frustrated.”

You can hear more from Lynch in the above video.

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