Backstage Update on Shane McMahon’s Status With WWE

As we all know by now, Shane McMahon made what appeared to be a cameo appearance on this week’s 1000th episode of Smackdown LIVE. Shane McMahon is still technically the current Commissioner of the show and according to Mike Johnson at, his appearance this week is meant to be used as a transition for him to return full-time to TV. The report indicates that McMahon will be incorporated back into storylines over the coming weeks and is expected to be appear on SmackDown LIVE moving forward.
Shane has been off of TV since spring for two reasons. According to sources, one reason is to recover from his injuries as he was noted to have acute diverticulitis, which he has actually fully recovered from a while back. The second is that a decision was made to keep him off of TV so that Paige could establish herself in her new role as SmackDown GM and the sole authority figure on the show.